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Website:Official Website

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  • Monday to Friday : 09:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs and 13:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs

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  • Consular, Passport, Visa Services : Receipt of Passports/Visa Applications 09:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs
  • Delivery of Passports/Visas : 11:30 hrs to 13:00 hrs

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Consular Services:

Officers Contacts

India Based
Name and DesignationMobile No.Email Id
Mr. Vishnu Kumar Sharma
Office: +211-922458006amb.juba@mea.gov.in
Mr. Rohit Sharma
PA to Ambassador
Mr. Pawan Tripathi, Second
Secretary (Pol & Culture) / HOC
Mr. Rajendra Choudhari
Attache (Admn. & Consular)
Mr. Shubham Chand Joshi
Steno to SS (Pol & Culture) & HoC
Mr. Manjeet
Assistant Consular Officer
(Consular, Passport & Visa)
Mr. Vijay Kumar
Security Assistant
Mr. Mohd. Ziaul Haque
Security Assistant
National Staff
Ms. Ritha Raymond


Embassy of India
Plot No. 209-245
Block 3-K (South), Juba Na Bari
Adjacent to the National Elections Commission
Juba (South Sudan)

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About Us

The Embassy of India in Juba is the official diplomatic mission representing the Republic of India in South Sudan. It serves as a vital bridge between the two nations, fostering solid bilateral relations, promoting cultural exchanges, and providing consular services to Indian citizens in South Sudan.
The Embassy of India, Juba, is committed to strengthening the historical ties and cooperation between India and South Sudan. It is pivotal in enhancing trade, investment, and technical collaboration between the two countries, contributing to their economic development and prosperity.
The embassy’s primary objective is to safeguard the interests of Indian citizens living or visiting South Sudan. It provides various consular services, including issuing passports and visas, assisting in emergencies and evacuations, and extending support to Indian nationals in distress. The embassy works tirelessly to ensure the welfare and well-being of its citizens, maintaining an open and accessible environment for addressing their concerns and needs.
Cultural diplomacy forms an essential part of the embassy’s activities. It actively promotes Indian culture and traditions, fostering a better understanding and appreciation of India’s rich heritage and diversity. The embassy organizes cultural events, exhibitions, and festivals, creating opportunities for South Sudanese citizens to experience Indian music, dance, cuisine, and art. These initiatives strengthen people-to-people ties and promote cultural exchange between the two nations.

Education and capacity-building are also significant areas of focus for the embassy. It facilitates scholarships and training programs for South Sudanese students, professionals, and government officials, enabling them to benefit from India’s expertise in various fields. The embassy actively supports educational collaborations between Indian and South Sudanese institutions, promoting knowledge sharing and skill development.
The Embassy of India in Juba also plays a vital role in humanitarian assistance and developmental initiatives. It supports various projects to improve healthcare, agriculture, education, and infrastructure in South Sudan, contributing to the country’s socio-economic progress. The embassy engages in dialogue and cooperation with the South Sudanese government and other stakeholders to identify mutual interest and collaboration areas.
The Embassy of India, Juba, is a friendly and welcoming platform for promoting India-South Sudan relations. It strives to build solid partnerships and foster mutual understanding between the two countries while providing valuable services and support to Indian citizens in South Sudan. The embassy remains committed to enhancing bilateral ties, promoting cultural exchange, and contributing to the well-being and development of both nations.